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An educational and fun app for museum visitors that provides important engagement metrics to museum partners

A Universe of Features

Dr. D encourages museum content exploration and learning in a fun and interactive way.

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For Visitors

Ask Dr. Discovery can enhance your museum experience by answering questions in a way that is understandable and engaging for all ages and science knowledge.

  • See something in the museum you’d like to know more about, but you can’t find anyone to ask? Try asking Dr. Discovery! Dr. Discovery can accompany you throughout your visit, allowing you and your companions to dig deeper into topics you find exciting or concepts you find confusing.
  • Do your kids ask questions you can’t answer? Ask Dr. Discovery! The answers are accurate and safe for kids to explore. Our content comes directly from university and scientific resources, such as NASA, USGS, the NSF, and many more.
  • Asking lots of questions helps the museum understand what you are interested in or confused about so they can improve the experience for all visitors in the future.
  • Dr. Discovery is always learning—even if Dr. Discovery can’t answer your question today, your question is recorded so that our team can add it as soon as possible.

For Museums

For museums, Ask Dr. Discovery enables a non-intrusive, continuous window into the minds of your visitors. With Ask Dr. Discovery, you can uncover new opportunities to engage and serve your visitors. The system provides museums with an online analytics portal that summarizes the questions your visitors are asking and shows topics that are trending and popular. These analytic tools provide your museum staff with continuous, accessible, real-time evaluation data. Learn more about how Ask Dr. Discovery can help your museum or science center...